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Wireless System

You can control the Whole-house activity through your reliable wireless System.


Home Theatre

Designed to mimic commercial theatre by it's performance and feeling.


Lighting System

Lighting System can bring a greater values to your home by giving ambience.


Audio Video Distribution

We move your Audio and Video wirelessly in streaming thru WiFi.


Background Music

Adding ambient music to the commercial areas will creating unique environment.


Lighting System

Lighting has become our priorities in creating Home Automation or Smart Home Concept. Lighting can be used to expose the interior and architectural design in an elegant way. It creates distinct memories to your home and with various scenes you can access to more moods and atmospheres.

To create this ambience we need a professional Lighting Designer who can meet the Interior Designer and Architects requirements. We will work close with them to get a glimpse of design from the house.

With the keypads, touch-panels or even using Apple Devices or Android Devices within your hands, you can reach all the lighting system possibilities from what you can ever imagined for your home. This Lighting system is the lighting essential that everyone is looking for.

Why Lighting System?

We believe that lighting’s role took 70% of the essential house, this is why we know that Lighting System can bring a greater values to your home by giving ambience and energy saving at the same time.

Centralised System

A Centralised Lighting System will covers whole lighting areas. We develop various way to control your lighting system using the most convenient way and easy to use interface just to get your lighting control always nearby. Just tell us where you need lights and we will provide your lightings. Keypads and Touch panels will help you to cruise the Home Automated System in your home and you can fully customised your Keypads and Touch panels functions accordingly.

Localised System

A Localised Lighting System is asimple integrated dimmer that canhandle smaller room. Provides versatile and cost-effective control of l ight ing for your Home Automation System. Although it’s a Localised Lighting System but you can still feel the power of integration from Home Automation and Smart Home features wi th thi s Localised Lighting System.


Luxurious Home Theatre

In the last 30 years there has been a digital revolution in consumer electronics that has re-shaped how we live and how we listen. What hasn’t changed in thousands of years is how music can touch our souls. This innate human reaction transcends technology. We love sound and how it’s delivered is what we called art.

Movie and sound can come from many sources now, such as DVD’s, Bluray’s, computer hard drives and DLNA services. We can make all of them better or even greater. And how to delivering these movies to you is our privileges, because movie and sound is talking about quality and quality matters to us.

With the emerging of streaming content, we know that you need a hassle free system that can be very comfortable to use. So we choose an integration of the Home Automation to create one system that can be simplified and can be very cost efficient.

Home Theatre System

A Home Theatre is a theatre build into a home, designed to mimic (or exceed) commercial theatre proportionally by it’s performance and feeling, more commonly known as a home cinema. Today, home cinema implies a real "cinema experience" at a private home.

Karaoke System

If you are a biggest fan of Karaoke, we know what you need. Singing with your closest family will be a moment you can’t forget. We gather a basic karaoke needs so you don’t need any operators to use it. Just with a simple instruction you can see the On Screen Display to show you what to do to order a music or even doing the audio setup.

Smart Home Theatre System

The Home Theatre audio, Visual projection, Lighting ambiance, Curtain or shades, and A Sing along Karaoke Systems combined together into one Home Automation System from turning on the system according to your presets, unto choosing your content and turning off your system at glance. Indulging all the control you need just using a few taps from your finger tip.


Ambient Music Distribution

We know how music can affect your moods, relaxation and the feeling of being at home. We come up with solutions to create you the system that you always wanted, the high output audiophile sound quality to every room around the house and with an integrator-friendly setup now you can easy to add your sources to the system seamlessly.

Adding ambient music to the commercial areas will creating unique environment for the guest, they will feel relaxed and enjoying their activities at your cafe, restaurant or bar.

Multi Source Multi Zone System

There are many situations where your family members accessing the same source at a time, that’s why we know that you need a system that can serve your music needs according to where you want to listen your music. We also prepared a fully integrated system that can works with the automation system without any hassle. You will never know this system is another system apart from the home automation system.

On Air Music System

If you have a one or two room and you haven’t run the cabling around, we can use a non wired amplified speaker system complete with an easy, stylist and wall mounted speakers to install, requires virtually no setup, just add and connect your music library to the system and instantly you can enjoy your favourite music.